9:58pm 06-09-2018
Aryan Alien
if you're reading this you're gay
12:39am 09-05-2013
so, watcha up to now dude? Like in the next few months?
10:52am 04-11-2013
Crazy Spaceman
'Erroneous' Drone Legion
capitalist David J. Foran in 'Erroneous' Drones: Saving the Economy from Legions of Self-Destructive Liberals',
'Erroneous' Drones are the the pawns, the useful idiots and followers of the Occupy Wall Street uprising in 'V for Vendetta' Guy Fawkes masks, the mindless individuals including lazy, “parasitic loafers” who live off the hard work of others and controlled or influenced largely by others pulling their strings.' He details 'the wicked web of radical groups at work in our country and their shared socialist ideology, sending America on the road to nihilism and barreling blithely toward financial disaster.' The real dreamers are the ones who think that things can go on indefinitely as they are. Far from being dreamers, they are waking from a dream that has turned into a nightmare. They are not destroying anything, but reacting to a system that is in the process of gradually destroying itself. The protesters were simply calling on those in power to look down to the abyss opening up beneath their feet - sucked down the hatch/rabbit hole - the Implosion</u>.' (Slavoj Žižek on the Occupy Wall Streeters).
10:49am 04-11-2013
Crazy Spaceman
The group mind/hive mind is a single, collective consciousness or intelligence occupying many bodies or

entities formed by telepathy (wired together on the Collective Unconscious) with (almost) complete loss of

individuality, identity, and personhood. A small caste at the top control a mass of slave (brain dead string-

pulled knee-jerk) drones/robots/zombies at the bottom.' Angel Warriors are the collective (hive) drone Army

sent down to Earth gathered for the Final Battle (spilling out of the Clouds in the Spiritual War).
2:13pm 09-03-2012
Crazy Spaceman
Useful readings:

*Boehm, Christopher, HIERARCHY IN THE FOREST: THE EVOLUTION OF EGALITARIAN BEHAVIOR. (1999) ('Small bands/tribes evolved egalitarian behavior (unlike that exhibited by other primates). With the advent of agriculture and larger societies this egalitarianism broke down and we saw the rise of governments and hierarchies which seek to keep people in line through rules, regulations, and hierarchical power rankings rather than through the egalitarianism that can still be witnessed in hunter/gatherer groups. The disposition in question is not one that orients us specifically to equality, but one that makes us resentful of being unduly subordinated, however that happens to be defined individually--or culturally. Today's human egalitarians define inappropriate domination culturally, and do so on a hair-trigger basis. Group members are not just happily equal in the absence of dominant individuals, but rather must work to collectively dominate such potential dominators. In effect, the group as a whole becomes the alpha male.' = (Brown's ONE BODY.)

*__________________, MORAL ORIGINS: THE EVOLUTION OF VIRTUE, ALTRUISM, AND SHAME. (2012) ('Our moral sense is a sophisticated defense mechanism. One of the biggest risks of group living is the possibility of being punished for our misdeeds by those around us. Bullies, thieves, free-riders, and especially psychopaths—those who make it difficult for others to go about their lives—are the most likely to suffer this fate. This social type of selection singles out altruists for survival.')
12:15pm 06-12-2012
Crazy Spaceman
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